Please note the sewn-in care labels, because properly cared for bed linen will stay beautiful and will give you pleasure for a long time.

We recommend rinsing the bed linen once before using it.

The right detergent for
- colored and printed bed linen: Wash colored and printed bed linen at 40-60 ° C and only use colored detergents without optical brighteners.

- White bed linen: Always wash white bed linen separately and at 60 ° C. You can safely use a heavy-duty detergent for your whites.

Turn your bedclothes inside out and close the zipper.

Loading the laundry drum
Turn the bedclothes over and close the zippers. Put the laundry loosely into the drum. Do not overload the drum, this will damage the fabric.

Tumble dry
Treat your bed linen like delicates, do not overdry it.


Satin fabric is easy to iron. Ironing is even easier if you iron your laundry while it is slightly damp.