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Luxury for the wedding night

The most beautiful day in life should be followed by a night like this. That is why the demand for style and luxury must not end at the bedroom door. A dream in white: this much-quoted sentence fits perfectly into our pure white wedding collection - and that on several levels.

We follow our tradition and offer the finest cotton sateen bed linen with woven lace . It is an ultra-fine embroidery with the characteristic that an additional detail is hidden in every millimeter of the pattern to make the pattern more interesting. This is called "Sankt Gallen Embroidery" and the design comes from a pattern book from around 1900. The yarn for this was spun extra-fine and embroidered on a machine that is the last of its kind in the world. It is luxury with understatement, made for generations.

We manufacture the bed linen sets to measure. Prices on request.

We also offer a bed linen bundle - treat your bedroom to the complete bedding set. The bundle comes complete with a satin duvet cover, a satin sheet, 2 pillowcases, our soft Sleepwell down duvet medium + a cozy Sleepwell down pillow supplied suits your room.

Write us an email to vonderthannenshop @ and tell us about your requirements.

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