Four tips for bed hygiene

1. Change the bed linen every two weeks

Actually logical, but often neglected: Only if you regularly cover your bed with fresh bed linen will it stay fresh, clean and cozy. It is generally recommended that bed linen be changed every two weeks. Salt from sweat, skin particles and dust mites quickly collects in bed linen.

2. Wash the bed linen properly

You will find the most important information about washing in the care instructions. The decisive factor is the type of fiber: white or natural colored cotton and linen can be washed at 60 ° C, colored ones are better at 40 ° C; As sensitive as silk, no higher than 30 ° C. The amount of detergent should correspond to the packaging specifications, depending on the hardness of the water and the degree of soiling. In general, you should not use fabric softeners just for environmental reasons, as they reduce the absorbency of the duvets.

3. Ventilate bed and bedroom well

If you have just removed the duvet covers for washing, it is advisable to air the pillows and the duvet. Shake it well first and then simply place it over a clean window sill or hang it on the balcony for two hours. On this occasion, the mattress can also be vacuumed, rotated and ventilated. It is advisable to ventilate the bedroom for 15 minutes before going to bed and after waking up. That means opening the window wide, preferably in another room, so that the air can flow through and exchange ideas. Leave the bed uncovered to give the mattress some air.

4. Don't go to bed in the morning

Those who make their bed in the morning lock the moisture in the mattress and ensure an optimal climate for mites. It is therefore perfectly okay to leave the bed unmade for a few hours as this will allow the mattress to dry properly.